engineering design

At proceptworks, we are committed to professional service delivery,  but we do not forget that we are all simply "grown up children" as we like things that are beautiful and our eyes are quickly captured by aesthetics. It is for this reason that we at proceptworks strive to meet the engineering standards in our designs but keep an attentive focus on the aesthetic index of a product. Simply put: We like stuff that looks great. Browse in the following section for some projects we have done in the past.

Design of a vertical spindle pump design

Design of a vertical spindle pump design

2D draughting of mechanical systems

We are able through the use of AutoCad to generate 2D layouts of mechanical systems and final engineering drawings as per international standards. The drawings may be used as reference drawings, presentation drawings and technical production drawings which can be used in conjunction with CNC systems to produce prototypes and final products


3D prototyping and design

3D prototyping and design is the pinnacle of our work. We use advanced software such as Inventor, 3Dsmax and others to produce high quality, realistic 3D images of the final product as per specifications of the client. We also offer assistance in the final design of the product in terms of how the end user would appropriately and ergonomically use the product.

Earth-mover differential

Earth-mover differential

Aerospace and Mechanical Design

Proceptworks is involved in the design of mechanical systems and machinery for the aerospace and mechanical industries. We have the professional skills to design conceptually and analyse the structural components of aircraft and most mechanical systems at an advanced engineering level. Engineering analysis is also performed using software to validate results of the handwork analysis.


Mechanical simulation

In the design of a product, there is requirement for the product to be efficient in terms of energy and also material-wise. We use advanced software such as Ansys through Finite element analysis (FEA) to analyse the structure and observe its behavior through simulations. This allows for more efficient designs that use materials that are suitable for that product and increases the safety margin through the observation of deformations and structural failure.


Aeronautical simulations

For dynamic systems such as cars, aeroplanes and trains, it is vital to design for optimum performance in the earth`s atmosphere. This entails the reduction of drag and increasing the vehicle`s aerodynamic advantage. We use Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate the conditions in which a vehicle moves through the air or water or any other media and recommend strategic designs that will offer efficient use of energy and better velocity profiles.

aero 1

Aeronautical engineering

The engineering department at Proceptworks is home to our in house Aeronautical engineer is skilled in the advanced design of aerospace vehicles and structures. The image to the left shows the design of a one seat ultra light aircraft that was designed for recreation and sport utility. Mechanical engineering and product design were involved in the internal space frame structure while the semi-monocoque was design by the aeronautical engineer. In this division, we are also capable of designing other systems such as wind turbines and sail boats.


Browse through the gallery below to view some of the projects we have done in the past.

  • Design of a vertical spindle pump design