how we work

Our approach to problem solving is quite simple: identify the problem, find possible solutions, choose the best one, develop and produce. The process we follow in producing the fitting product solution to the requirement of the client is outlined below. We will get he job done.

Product description and problem identification

Estimated time: less than a week

In order to fully understand the requirements of the client, we meet up for a consultation. Here we ask critical questions to understand what the client wants and what the basic problem/task involves. The scope of the project as well as size, parameters, intended use and generally how it will fit in the market is assessed. Then….

Research and market review

Estimated time: about 1 week

Now we know what you want, but what solutions are there right now? What is the best way to approach the problem? does the market want your product? If so, how does it want the product delivered? What is out there right  now that can compete with your product? 

Answers to these questions are what help us understand what design philosophy to follow when coming up with possible solutions. We will aim to give you clear, concise feedback on what we find. We will seek to identify key aspects such as the following:

  • Intended (target) market

  • Size of the market

  • Cost of production

  • Is it safe? Is it allowed by regulations?

  • Possible new perspective to the problem


Concepts and ideation 

Estimated time: about 2 weeks

Once we are satisfied about the possible performance of the product in the market and based on all the feedback from the client, we embark on a concept generation journey. Here we look at how the product will look and feel, how it will work, ergonomics, energy consumption, mechanical/architectural layout and feel. The market or the client is the end user so we strive to come up with concepts that are both attractive and functional to the user`s satisfaction. 

After this, we consult with the client and together we choose the appropriate concept that will meet all the criteria and requirements while also intuitively becoming a trendsetter! That way, we can increase the chances of market acceptance and ultimately success.

Product development (Eng.)

Estimated time: between 10 to 14 weeks

This is the most critical phase of the product. We first develop the product by creating computer models to test the functionality and end look of the product. We

  1. Refine the chosen concept to check if it is fully suitable,

  2. Create a 3D computer model and mathematical model ,

  3. Simulate the system using Structural, Fluid, thermal analytical and software graphical simulations as well as  stability simulations to test viability of the system,

  4. Prototype development,

  5. Physical testing,

  6. Electrical and electronic engineering,

  7. Refinement and

  8. Engineering drawings for manufacturing


Estimated time: between 6 to 14 weeks

After the client has advised us which concept they would rather go with, we then start drawing the final architectural plans. This entails the design of all orientation elevations, sections and site plan development drawings. We,

  1. Approach the municipality for zoning and regulatory information for the site

  2. Fit the design to the regulation limits. If not fitting, we then return to the client for refinement of the concept

  3. Final 2D drawings are generated,

  4. 3D models and renderings are developed

  5. Plans are submitted to council for approval. This is the stage that takes a while…

  6. Follow up on the approval process

  7. For complex structures whose function and/or integrity could be highly influenced by the environment, static and dynamic, analytical and graphical models are generated to simulate the conditions to find the best solutions.

Manufacturing and marketing

Estimated time: subject to product and supplier

At this stage of the process, we are satisfied with you product and you are able to take for volume manufacturing. Here,  we would liaise with industry manufacturing plants and marketing companies to get your product into the market place at an industrial level. we aim as much to reduce risk to the client by connecting them with well-accredited industries with good track records.

Product support would be carried through the life cycle of the product through consultations with the client. Refinements and further development as well as the generation of variants of the product would be options available to the client.



The client may choose to take the product or design to their own manufacturer or for self use; or use our network of suppliers to obtain high volumetric  output and market introduction; or choose to let us take an equity stake of an agreed percentage in their company and together we would work to find enough funding for production and marketing, find the right suppliers and ultimately form a consortium of sorts.

The last of these options would be well suitable for start-ups where individuals that do not have engineering, architectural or business acumen but  have great ideas that we can turn into successful products. 

Do you have a great idea that you think would be a global success and change peoples lives?

Then contact us…..